Supporting Clinical Research

This is a service aiming to support clinical research on site, driven by a community of clinical sites. At its core is a shared multi-centric CTMS with collaboratively maintained and peer-reviewed, highly structured records on over

  • 4500 trials,
  • 5600 researchers, and
  • 4700 organizational units, over 1800 of which are study offices on sites.

We support various workflows needed in managing a trial:

  • Reports on site activity (grant applications)
  • Investigator CVs (site and staff qualifications)
  • Customizable public portals with trials for your study site (recruitment support)

Our policy is to avoid hosting any sensitive data centrally.


The service is open to study sites, IIT sponsors, their respective coordinating centers, and publicly funded networks. Acceptable uses of the service are easing trial management and enhancing quality assurance.

For queries please contact our team.