Clinicalsite.org is a service driven by a community of clinical sites with the aim of providing the tools to support clinical research on site.

Site and Study Management System

Core of our service is a shared multi-centre CTMS with highly structured and well maintained records on over 3100 trials, 5700 researchers and 3300 Organizational units — over 1200 of which are study offices on sites. The organizational trial records are collaboratively maintained and peer-reviewed by the user community. Role-based access for specific views, enhance the accuracy as well as the data safety/privacy concept.

We offer various workflows allowing you to generate resources and reports needed in managing a trial:

  • Reports on site activity (grant applications)
  • Investigator CVs (site and staff qualifications)
  • Customizable public portals with trials for your study site (recruitment support)

Addressing the individual value and incentives of all parties is a primary focus of the system and the key to the quality of the data.

Site Integration

Our policy is to avoid hosting any sensitive data centrally. The system provides interfaces to integrate the shared record within your local systems, processes and data.